Spiritual coaching

Spiritual Coaches

Live in the now, find peace and contentment in life with spiritual coaching and guidance. Selina Stone  – Life Coach Marbella introduces to you some of the best coaches around, who, yes, they can seriously help you increase your self worth.
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Selina Stone
Selina Stone

Law of attraction.

Beginners guide to inner peace and happiness.

Certified in holistic addiction recovery guiding you to be naturally high on life. Living a life that has no purpose, leads to feeding your addictions and causing you to self-harm. When life feels like that this then the time has come to question what is missing? Learn how we may feel great by aligning ourselves with more of who we really are, even through turbulence we can maintain calm. Step-by-Step, we will re-invent your new way of life. Find out more about this fun and inspiring course.

Paula Wratten
Paula WrattenSoul Coach

Into Quantum Consciousness & Beyond

My Journey.

I’ve been a Holistic Practitioner since 1987 but have been around alternative therapies my whole life. I work holographically and dimensionally with my clients. I have over 30 years experience in the paranormal and course development. I have published two books and written articles for online magazines.

Uk: +44 07887 505222       Skype: paulawratten