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Transformational coaching

Your ultimate success

Transform all areas of your life and reinvent yourself. The time has come to stop procrastinating, and be the change you seek. Be who you’ve always wanted to be, the real you, deep down inside. Discard any negative thoughts of inadequacy and remember that you are enough. Stop holding yourself back. No matter what the situation is you can own it. When we feel overwhelmed by circumstances we sometimes don’t know where to turn, and we tend to procrastinate. The way we approach this is by breaking down your challenges into manageable pieces and dealing with them one by one.

Are you ready to experience life the way you dreamed it could be? Book your private coaching session with one of our transformational coaches.


Selina Stone
Selina StoneTransformational Coach

The New You.

Transform Your Life.

Certified Master Life Coach & a Credited Casting Director guiding you into playing the role that you would like in your own life. Having worked in film for a long time, self-creation is what Selina knows best, and she can help you bring to life any character using several coaching & filming industry techniques. Selina’s transformational program´s will enable you get into character just as an actor would do. These life changing programs looks into all areas of your life Find out more about these fun and inspiring courses.

Erica Prior
Erica PriorActing Coach

Explore Your Emotions.

What Are Your Greatest Desires?

Is it fame, power, contentment, happiness, a loving relationship, peace of mind? To help you manifest your desires into reality, an acting coach can assist you into changing your current mindset with a few acting techniques focused on building specific character traits. These acting sessions will take your life onto a whole new level. Get ready to make an entrance and own it! Book your private coaching session with Erica Prior our acting coach.