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Health & Fitness Coaching now available. Lose the weight, get stronger, and feel great with our Health & Fitness Coaches! A healthy body supports a healthy mind will give you the energy you require to get the things you want in life. A few dietary changes, supplements & exercise are all it takes to be a winner! By getting into new habits & putting them into daily practice, you can change the way you look and feel.

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Selina Stone
Selina Stone


Say yes to the body of your dreams. You may have tried many diets before, had a personal trainer by your side, but what you did not have was the right state of mind. We can do as many affirmations as we like, but it will never work, that´s like praying for a miracle to happen. You know you have to take action, and you keep going to the gym, but the weight still piles on. A belief is in play, holding you back. I can help you find out, take it out and get you back on track to really stepping into body of your dreams. Timelined, Realistic, Achievable

Health & Fitness Coaching

Are you a fitness coach, in the health industry? Would you like you and your services to be seen & featured on here? Do you feel you have what it takes, are you truly owning your niche?

If the answer is yes or you are committed to being on top of your game, then Selina  Stone the founder of this site, would love to have your permission to add you to this list of health & fitness coaches.

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