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Success is a state of mind and we start by hanging around others who are successful. We would use a success coach in life to aid us with the increase of our finances, after all without money we cannot pay for the goods, our living expenses, we can not make the dream real. Focusing on the how we can create the money and having the mindset to stick to the plan takes dedication and a real pro behind you, spurring you on to make more money than you could ever dream of. Realistic. Time-lined, Achievable.

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Selina Stone
Selina Stone


Selina is a certified master life coach, with a background in the media industry, became an entrepreneur at an early age by building a successful casting agency. Without funding or qualifications, she set up her business from her garage and three years later  managed to build the business and was able to move into one of Marbella’s’ more luxurious offices. Persistence, focus and a plan of action on just one thing at a time is all you need to succeed. Take care of your mental health 1st, then go slay your goals.

Success Coaches

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