Soul Searching

Soul-searching is a process of introspection, self-contemplation of thoughts and desires. This first step is to discover who you are at the heart. We start off our journey with a general overview of you and your life so far. Discover what you really look like after an honest self-examination.

Self Awareness

Self-awareness contributes a lot in finding the hidden self thus helping in our overall development by providing us with the knowledge of one’s shortcomings and strengths. The Inner self can only be revealed when we are able to listen to the voice of the mind as it directs us towards the areas that need improvement. If you find yourself soul-searching and are contemplative, then you might feel lost in thought or unable to concentrate on your outer-world activities and struggle to grasp intangible insights that are just beyond your conscious recognition.

A Journey of Self Discovery

The act of writing your thoughts down gives them form and helps you put them into logical order. We have to bring them out of the mental mind and into the physical world via paper in order to see them more clearly and of how they relate to your circumstances.

The writing process ultimately helps you develop a razor-sharp clarity about your life and forge a deeper connection with your inner wisdom. By taking time to write your insights down and exploring them in more detail, you will find your thoughts clearing and a deeper understanding.

The Triggers – Role Play Nº1

Feels like you have no purpose in life? Find out how you can use your Triggers as your guide in life. Here we learn how to spot the “Triggers” in play, plus the deactivation of them. What are your “Triggers” trying to tell you?

Take responsibility of your mental health, of your own personal happiness in life. Take this opportunity to find out more about you, discover who you are straight from the heart. Find out now the truth about you.

Meet Triggers Your Guide

Who Is… Step 1 – Soul Searching,  general overview and understanding of your life so far. A 1hr assignment that enables you too find the answers to your unanswered questions. Don’t let life pass you by, increase your sense of self worth and purpose in life.